Patricio Chapa

A Few Words About The Captain

Originally from Brownsville, Texas, Captain Chapa spent ten years in San Diego, California as a sailing instructor, avid racer and charter captain.

He is a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed 100 Ton Master, with Sailing and Towing endorsements and is also a US Sailing Certified Sailing Instructor. Now settled in San Antonio, Texas, Captain Chapa is sharing his experience and introducing the sport of sailing to the Texas community.

The commitment to introduce others to sailing came long ago, with a promise made to Cpt. Steven G. Shawver.  The opportunity to serve as crew for the captain offered a chance to gain more experience at sea and improve sailing skills. This in exchange for a promise to always pass on the torch of seamanship knowledge.   Captain Chapa has tried to fulfill his commitment by starting the Trisum Sailing school in Texas and offering everyone the chance to “Trisum Sailing”.

The idea for Trisum Sailing was conceived in 2006, after the purchase of a 30’ Piver Nimble Trimaran, the “H.M.S.V. Trisum”.  This vessel represented freedom and adventure through sailing.  It provided many years of memorable experiences on the water and the means to share the experience with others. After 8 years sailing up and down the Southern California coast and Channel Islands, It was time to retire the vessel, but not the idea. The H.M.S.V. Trisum was the inspiration for the Texas sailing school, dedicated to sharing the knowledge of sailing, to promoting the sailing lifestyle and ensure the future of the sport.

His career as a sailing instructor began with an invitation to the Chula Vista Yacht Club to help the growing volume of interest in sailing.  The need for volunteers for the Junior Sailing Program offered an opportunity to work with the club Senior Instructor, Cpt. Glenn Burns, an “Old Salt” with over 40 years of experience in sailing instruction .  After several months of volunteering, he became hired on as an assistant instructor and continued teaching for several years until being offered the position of Senior Sailing Instructor.  Along with Junior Sailing, Capt. Chapa helped organize and run fundraisers for the Chula Vista Yacht Club and provided sailing lessons for new club members, non- member adults, and new boat owners at neighboring marinas.

Although Capt. Chapa participated in several beer can and yacht club’s sailing races with a variety of skippers, he did not become a dedicated sailboat racer until crewing for the Chula Vista Yacht Club’s racing chair, Cpt. Mark Clements.  Now the President of the Cortez Racing Association, Cpt. Mark Clements spent over seven years with Capt. Chapa, and together, participated in and won over 200 sailboat races, both in the San Diego bay and off shore.  The experience of racing on many different sailboats and rigs, working all crew and racing positions, along with 8 years of living aboard, all help make Capt. Chapa a well rounded sailor.  Now back in Texas, he is able to share this knowledge and experience with the Texas community. Trisum Sailing is available to offer a memorable sailing experience to anyone with the curiosity to try it.  The wind is truly a clean, free source of energy…and there is no shortage of it. Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy it.